Big and Little Mega Unicorn and Magical Mix

Multi-coloured, Multi-flavoured Magical Gumminess in 2 different sizes! Mega and mini -  Its almost too fancy to eat!!!

Big and Little Mega Bear and Cub mix

NEW!!! Look at our brand new yummy Big and Little - 120g delicious fruit flavoured mega Bear and 600g of fruity cub gummy mix for all the enjoy!

Giant Super Sucker

What's more fun than a twist on the timeless classic that is the lollipop. Perfect as a Christmas gift and many other occasions.

Rainbow Rock Unicorn

Multi-coloured, Multi-flavoured Magical Gumminess with Hard candy Twisted Horn- Its almost too fancy to eat!!!

Giant Gummy Lips

They call me Mr Gumtastic - Very Fantastic ! Big, Juicy, Strawberry Smooch Flavoured Lips - Classic white foam and strawberry gummy SUPERSIZED. This one is for all you glamorous gummy lovers out there ... give it to the one you love. Will you be my gummy Valentine ? 

Crazy Carrot - Giany gummy Carrot

Real food Vs gummy food !! Gummy food wins - Hands down the yummiest carrot you will ever eat, sweet and juicy in orange and sour Apple combo - It's not 1 of your 5 a day but it's one helluva treat !

Giant Gummy Worm Attack

At over 1 foot long this two-flavour & colour combo worm is the perfect gift for any gummy lover ! If you are feeling generous slice it into neat little rounds and share the gummy goodness ! Flavour combinations include Orange & Blue Raspberry, Strawberry & Apple and Lemon & Green Apple. 

Giant Jelly Baby

At 200 x times the size of the iconic Jelly Baby our mega baby is going to challenge even the sweetest toothed candy lovers out there, but no-one says you have to eat him on your own, why not call up some friends and share the goodness ! 

Massive Bubble-Bum Gummy Poop

What should a gummy poop taste of ? Bubble-Bum flavour of course ... Sour strawberry bubble gum to be precise - This really is yucky yum yum and would make the perfect gift for that text crazy teen or those with a sense of humour ! 

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